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Owner/Contact: Kevin Saville
Home Phone, 360-292-0966 or E-Mail Kevin
I wish to leave most steam activity in order to further pursue other historical interests.
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bee20.jpg bee21.jpg steam trailer
Steam-Electric Exhibit Trailer: 4'x8', with totally enclosed clamshell top.
Great exhibit display area and protection from the sun and rain.
Built in Snohomish Valley in 1998, still in excellent condition.
Built-in contents includes 40 gallon enclosed plastic water tank, shelf, and electrical system
that includes Trace 24 VDC input, 120 vac output, 500 watt inverter, breaker panel, 2-12 volt
batteries, built-in 24 volt and 120 volt cooling fans, gfci-protected outlets, and ready
connections to line power, generator, and lamp wiring. Plumbed for in-trailer boiler or
external boiler hookup, steam manifold along shelf with six globe valves.
Antique displacement oiler included. Propane tank installed and plumbed for boiler burner.
Antique light sockets, switches, and watthour meter not included.
Photos: bee20.jpg, bee21.jpg, steamtrailer640x480.jpg

steam power plant steam power plant steam power plant
Sensible Steam Consultants Steam-Electric Power Plant.
Includes 2-cylinder Mike Brown Mill Engine, 24 VDC, 70-amp alternator, electric gauges,
field winding rheostat, boiler feedwater pump and regulator.
Engine and alternator in excellent condition; feedwater pump and regulator need some work.
Displacement oiler not included.
Photos: DCP_3383.jpg, DCP_3622k.jpg, DCP_3623k.jpg

boiler boiler
Boiler. Manufactured by Columbia Boiler Company, Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
Manufacturer's Number 14866, National Board Number 8214. Year built, 1944.
Shell diameter, 10 inches; length, 31 5/8 inches. Water heating surface, 6.1 square feet.
Maximum allowable working pressure, 100 pounds. Original hydrostatic test, 150 pounds.
Continuously certified by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Boiler Division since 1998.
Fired by propane burner originally installed at base of boiler.
In good condition, some internal scale controlled by water treatment.
Photos: DCP_3386.jpg, DCP_3624k.jpg

Trailer, steam-electric power plant, and boiler above, offered as a package only $8,000
NOT FOR SALE: Sipp "black" mill engine and governor top. Single chime steam whistle. Small model steam engines. Antique electrical gauges, lamps, sockets, motors, and wiring.

Air whistle, triple chime, with valve. Excellent condition (No photos) $300

Milwaukee Steam Engine Milwaukee Steam Engine Milwaukee Steam Engine
1902 Milwaukee Automobile Company steam car engine. Two-cylinder, with Stevenson reverser. Runs, slowly. In good, restorable condition.
Photos: DCP_3388.jpg, DCP_3617k.jpg, DCP_3618k.jpg $2,100

feed pump feed pump feed pump feed pump
Duplex feed pump. Works well on air or steam. Pump end needs some work.
Photos: DCP_3387.jpg, DCP_3393.jpg, DCP_3620k.jpg, DCP_3621k.jpg $350

silver steam engine silver steam engine
Silver steam engine with feed pump. Reportedly off a ship, in good, working condition.
Photos: DCP_3613k.jpg, DCP_3614k.jpg (not for sale at this time)

green steam engine
Green steam engine with red flywheel, in working condition.
Photo: DCP_3609k.jpg $275

yellow steam engine
Yellow steam engine with red flywheel, with unconnected black boiler, in working condition.
Photo: DCP_3608k.jpg $300

green steam engine, white flywheel green steam engine with white flywheel
Green steam engine with white flywheel, homemade, in fair condition (works good on air, needs to be timed).
Photos: DCP_3610k.jpg, DCP_3611k.jpg $125

green steam engine, w/stephenson green steam engine, w/ stephenson
Green steam engine, homemade, with Stephenson reverser, works good.
Photos: DCP_3615k.jpg, DCP_3616k.jpg (not for sale at this time)

orange steam engine
Orange steam engine, homemade, runs well.
Photo: DCP_3612k.jpg $90

Owner/Contact: Kevin Saville, 1448 Old Military RD, Tenino WA 98589-9290
Home Phone, 360-264-4373; email