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This page is about my small collection of Antique Pelton Water Wheels, circa 1890s and later.
Manfactured by Pelton,and others. And Other Good Old Rusty Stuff!!
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Pelton, water power at it's finest!

Pelton Water Wheel Company, Model 12c, 12 inch Pelton Water Motor.

Patent Dates 1889, 1899, and 1903 and manufactured about 1906.
Now on display stand running an old air compressor.

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Pelton Water Wheel Company, 12 inch Pelton Water Wheel.
Patent Dates 1889 and 1891 and manufactured after 1891.

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Pelton Water Wheel Company, 29 inch Pelton Water Wheel.
Patent Date September 26, 1899

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Old Water Wheel With Pelton Type Buckets

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Devine Water Motor Company, Red Devil, Water Powered Grinder.
With Pelton type water wheel.

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Old Pelton Power Plant, with 18 inch Pelton Wheel,  a must see...

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Pelton Wheel and Antique Mining Equipment
Collection at theNorth Star Mining Museum, Opens a PDF
In Aug 2001, we made a visit to the museum.

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Some Miscellaneous Water Wheel Pictures from my travels.

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